Crash Team Racing: Micro Fueled

Image result for crash team racing shop
Screenshot of the in-game shop.

Crash Bandicoot fans are in outrage this week as Activision has announced they will be adding microtransactions to the recently released Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled. People have speculated the addition of the controversial update due to how the games “Wumpa Coin” system is structured similarly to a typical free-to-play game and it seems that their fears have been realised.

It appears since release a large chunk of content is locked onto the “Pit Stop” which is an online shop similar to that of “Fortnite”, where cosmetics and characters can be purchased through “Wumpa Coins”. “Where’s the issue here?” you may ask. Well, it appears Activision has built it in a way where there is a soft-cap on the amount of Wumpa Coins you can earn in a day, limiting even the most die-hard of fans from being able to purchase anything valuable.

Many fans speculated it was just to increase the longevity of the game – giving those who play it a lot something to work for. However, the cynics that were more familiar with Activision’s greed and past track record of stuffing games with microtransactions were right. It’s almost ironic how something that some people thought might’ve been for the better, extending the life of the game, actually maybe the demise of the game in the long run. Activision’s greed knows no bounds it seems, and it’s a massive shame that they’ve soiled an otherwise good game.

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