Overwatch Role Queue: My Thoughts

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Following up from my post a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d make another expressing my thoughts and opinions on the new changes in Overwatch, specifically the new Role Queue feature. It’s currently in beta, however, it seems to have changed the game fundamentally in many ways, and it’s not always for the better in my opinion.

I briefly touched upon a few of these points (or fears) in the previously mentioned post, talking about how it stops any interesting team compositions to be formed and may lead every match to play out similarly – causing the overall experience to be quite repetitive. In my opinion, it appears all of these points turned out to be true. There’s no tactical switching to throw off the enemy team, or any “crazy” composition that “sounds so crazy it might work” kind of deals any more. It also seems to have caused an increase in toxicity (in my experience) from teammates; with a role tag slapped on everyone it becomes very easy to point fingers at teammates who you may not feel are doing what you would do – and even If that were true, there’s no way to swap roles, so it just creates frustration.

A counter-argument that I can see being made is the fact that due to this limitation, it’s now easier for Blizzard to balance the game since there’s a lesser chance of a broken setup. While true, I do not believe and have never believed that Overwatch has been a balanced game, which is why I see the whole “Overwatch League” that I’ve mentioned in a previous article to be completely forced and ludicrous. There are too many glaring issues with the game at the foundation where it can never be a truly balanced and competitive game in my opinion. A very small numbers of games are, saying that. However, Overwatch, even less so. Especially with characters like Mei in the game, who seems to go untouched by Blizzard despite being suitable in almost any situation. Just my opinion.

To wrap up, as much as I hated the flaws of the old system of having random teammates refusing to switch roles, or work with the team, this Role Queue change makes the game even worse: Boring.

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